02 August 2020

I already published a retrospective that covers most of the story so far in 2018, eight years into my time on the Spring team. I won't get into all of that again, except to update you on what's happened since 2018.

First, and foremost, we at Pivotal were accquired by VMware and in 2020 are now reunited with our VMware family. I started my time as the first Spring Developer Advocate in 2010 at VMware and it's nice to return to that organization!

You may see quite a bit of mention of VMware Tanzu, which is essentially the cloud native division of VMware, teaming up the amazing people from Heptio, Pivotal, and other divisions on one mission: helping organizations build cloud native software and services. I, and the larger Spring team, live under the Vmware Tanzu division, and this is where the future is. The Spring team is thriving like never before under the Tanzu division. Cloud native James Watters (@wattersjames) tweeted it best just the other day.

Second, the COVID-19 crisis hit and I've done vastly less travel this year than in any year since I joined the Spring team. I don't need to remind you all of what the COVID-19 crisis is - it's worldwide and has affected you too.

I really appreciate all the kind tweet replies I got today, my friends. I appreciate the opportunity to serve and look forward to next ten years and beyond!