28 January 2007

I just noticed Salesforce.com’s latest step towards platform domination: Apex.

I like the name. Cool. Sounds like Apress, and Ajax. Half buzz, half hard-hitting tech done cheap, with just a twist of that je ne sais quoi, that “this could be a Windows codename” quality. Yeah!

I like the possibilities. The market for middle ware integration is astonishing. The application that’s readily customized is the application that more readily adapts, and is adapted. This should go a long way towards removing all the edge cases defying Salesforce.com’s proliferation. Apparently, they have a little less than 30,000 customers. I don’t know if that’s individual users or entities, or what. It’s not nothing. Interesting: the inclusion of LINQ-style sql objects:

Account acc = [select Id from account where name = 'xxx'];
Account[] accs = new Account[]{acc};
System.assert(accs[acc.id] != null);

It’s a typed SQL query, embedded inline with your java. Not like those opaque String queries I keep hearing about…

I got the hint on all of this from eWeek magazine, in a small blurb about Apex of the January 22 issue. To my chagrin I get to the salesforce.com site, and start looking around right there, not too deeply linked, is Peter Coffee, formerly a columnist of 18 years at eWeek. He’s just switched jobs! Good luck, Peter!