27 February 2007

I love working with Tapestry 4, but I figure that it's because it's already configured to do the cool tricks I want to do with it. It's not easy getting off the ground on a blank new project. (Nor is it easy getting off the ground in a Ruby On Rails project without using the project generator!). Maven offers a solution, but, seemingly, no good archetype for it exists. I want something that'll let me type mvn jetty6:run and pull up a page immediately after I've run the familiar "mvn archetype:create" incantation.

I tried the (admittedly preliminary, at this stage in the game) Appfuse archetype,  and the one from Webtide. However, I wanted something that I could demo with really quickly. I imagine: 1.) I have the archetype. 2.) I mvn clean install it, and voilĂ , instant "hello world" application that could be aggressively/quickly modified. I took Howard Lewis Ship's Tapestry 5 Simple-Project archetype and expanded it/retrofitted it with a lot of Tapestry 4 scenarios.

I also wanted something that eased some real-world concerns or, at least, hid them. Something that already had a working example of most common things (setting up an ASO, using Spring. Perhaps I'll add SEO friendly URLs configured by default (well, for the common ones, with the less-obvious options commented and explained.).

Anyway, thanks again to Howard and the Tapestry for such a wonderful product. I'll evolve this version and clean it up. If there are any suggestions, I'd definitely appreciate it.

It's deployed to my repostory. Run the following command, and you'll have the archetype installed and a project created. Then, merely cd into the wordking directory and run mvn idea:idea, or mvn eclipse:eclipse, and then run mvn jetty6:run to get started. This will get your application running on port 8080. Simply bring up and you'll get a listing of all the contexts. You can modify the various configuration fles (save, of course, for web.xml), and HTML ad-infinitum without restarting. The second you compile a fresh class, Jetty will reload the context automatically.

mvn archetype:create -DarchetypeGroupId=com.codecafe.archetypes -DarchetypeArtifactId=tapestry-simple -DremoteRepositories=http://codecafe.dev-hda.com/repository -DarchetypeVersion=4.1.2-SNAPSHOT -DgroupId=c.b -DartifactId=view