25 April 2007

Fantastic news! Flex has been open sourced!

Umm, what does this mean, in effect? It means that exposing a REALLY slim, sexy client has been possible for a long time, through a lot of different concoctions, not the least of which is OpenLazlo, and  Ajax, and thereabouts. But Flex is the nicest option for those willing to pay. It’s slick, it’s quick (VERY quick, compared to Ajax/JSON), it’s powerful (well, Java Applet powerful, not ActiveX powerful. No CD ROM drives will pop out!). And now, it’s open source. See Adobe Labs for more.

So that's why James Ward was cooking cookies!.

Congratulations, Adobe, on a very brave move.Every time a peice of mega tech emerges, my mind starts imagining what I could do with it. Each individual tool becomes "useful" and viable suddenly (isn't that atrocious? It takes it being open source for me to care?) Now, if I could only get a few dozen "open source" grids (eh, I know, I know, I'm not holding my breath), Atomikos Transactions, Spring, PostgresSQL, Teracotta, Flex, and a neat idea (mmm.... ebaysoftspaceazon... com)...

All that aside, Bruce Eckel's recently taken the Flex jump, so maybe it's time to see why.