16 June 2007

Yesterday (2 hours ago) was the last day at my job, and closes one chapter on my life. I’m thankful for the experience. I will begin the next - undoubtedly amazing -chapter of my life Monday, and am no less than gitty at the prospect.

Wednesday was the mensal Java User Group, and a particularly good one at that! I post a recap here because they say that you don’t remember anything you don’t use within 2 weeks, and the least I can do is regurgitate 2 day old knowledge towards that end.

Ted Neward was the speaker, giving two talks.

One was on the groovy language; the notes on this one are briefer, as the talk was lighter.

The other talk was about debugging ("Busy Java Developers Guide to Debugging"), which I found fascinating because Ted seems to really enjoy this.

 Naturally, I whole heartedly you go out and see Ted Neward speak (in particular he's pushing No Fluff, Just Stuff") when you get a chance. He was obviously knowledgeable, a good speaker, very worth it.