22 July 2007

It has been forever and a day since I've blogged, and not for want of trying!

It's been an amazing, wonderful month at my latest gig.

As I type this on my windows copy of MS Word, I find myself reaching for my Mac-imbued command keys and trying to use alt to do weird things.

I got introduced to Ubuntu Linux, the first Linux distro to ever, ever, completely work out of the box with the super-proprietary hardware on my old Sony VAIO laptop. Even my wireless card works, which was unthinkable! The wireless card never works on Linux without insane hacking on MadWifi (you know the whole ndiswrapper dance?) and some sort of sacrificial lamb…

I'm finding out a lot about the wide world of Cocoa and the utopian computing environment that was (and, to some extent continues to be in modern-day OS X) NeXT.  Objective C's turned out to be a lot of fun, and in particular, using Maven Oh yeah, I went to   Oregon for the 4th of July weekend, and that was humbling. Absolutely beautiful. Lastly, the last Java User Group's topic was pretty cool, and well worth your time if you're interested in wielding tech and bettering your home :  DIY zoning