10 November 2007

This is sort of Java-related, but as it's used in some way by all of the major java web frameworks, it's worth noting that Dojo 1.0 has been released!

As for me -- I've been knee deep in amazingly cool code. I've not had a chance to take too deep a look at Spring 2.5, but it seems promising -- particularly the renewed support for alternative configuration patterns. Maybe Guice is stirring the pot?

Also, I've noticed that the benefits of grids are increasingly popular. I'm very interested in grids -- they're useful for process intensive applications like search engines, and almost anything that can be represented as a directed edge graph. Microsoft's Dryad  seems to be a graph based implementation of a the grid computing paradigm from Google, 'MapReduce'. That is, where as MapReduce is just one type of algorithm distributed over a grid, Dryad is a way to express algorithms, distributed over a grid. Sounds amazing.