12 April 2008

Adobe's Finally Released Their Much Rumored Media Player: "Adobe Media Player"It's sweet. Built on AIR, it's a stand-alone "installable" Flash program that allows you to manage, search out, and watch FLV / H264 content inside of Flash. It's beautiful to use but my big gripe is that because it runs on AIR, there's no Linux version.They seem to have lined up some pretty big content-producers, which should make the deployment easier. I wonder if they're fixing to be to digitial video / flash video what iTunes is to music. A one-stop video content shop / hub.. Absolutely stunning UI - and it's consistent with some of their more recent stuff, including Colour and Adobe Photoshop Express. I wonder where they'll take this - I wonder if there's a way to share video playlists etc? Integration with Youtube.com just like Apple TV did?