26 January 2012

You know what I want? A Google Music API. I feel like Google Music's still the leader. Apple's iCloud just kind of leaves me cold. It not only stinks of lock -in, but it's not even particularly flexible. Where's my .ogg support?

The things I would do...

The Google Music App doesn't do the right thing a lot. I plug it into the car and hit play, thinking it'll either playing all songs after it, or the whole album, and often it just plays one song. Even worse, the shuffle function's odd. Google Music has weird behavior when you run the Navigation app and have to share the audio with other apps. Sometimes when Google Music gets the control back, it doesn't pick up and go, again.

Finally, I want Google Music on Roku, and on other devices. Otherwise, I still don't feel like I could just throw away my CDs, yet. And, while I appreciate that there's a "offline" mode for Google Music, I still don't see a way for me to get my original music back. Where's my liberated data section for my music?