30 October 2010

What a whirlwind month! First, Java2Days, then SpringOne, and then Adobe MAX.

I just spoke at Adobe MAX 2010 with my colleague Jeremy Grelle on high productivity Flex applications using Spring Roo. Reception seemed to be very, very good (I'm attributing this to Jeremy, of course). Jeremy's the main contributor and founder of the Spring BlazeDS project from SpringSource. He's also the sponsor for the Spring ActionScript project. Spring BlazeDS brings enterprise messaging and services to Flex and Flash clients. Spring ActionScript provides a clean way of describing IOC in your client-side ActionScript code - it even provides the ActionScript equivalent of the @Autowired annotation on components that are added to the stage.

This year was a very good year to be an attendee. They gave attendees new Droid 2 Android-based phones (I finally made the switch from an iPhone 3GS to an Android device! Yay! The Droid 2 is not the most impressive Android offering, by far, but represents a marked improvement over the iPhone. I was glad to get it. Attendees also received a Logitech Revue, which is a Google TV-based device.

As you might expect from a good conference, there were plenty of great hallway conversations. Look forward to it next year!

Now, however. I'm going to enjoy this beautiful Southern California weekend and look forward to Devoxx