24 January 2011

And we're off! The new year has been moving exceedingly quickly (I can't beleive we're already almost done with the first month! "Stop the world, I want off!") I don't know if you guys noticed, but SpringSource has been putting out new educational content (and a corresponding amount of code that quickly overwhelms any attempt at providing educational content..) on the SpringSource.org web site. I have been trying to publish two weekly-ish (we may miss a day or two or a column or two) "columns." One is called "This Week in Spring," which details all the new stuff in the community related to Spring and/ or SpringSource. If you've written a cool Spring tutorial or read a blog post that had what you needed to get going with Spring, let me know! Here's an example of last week's "This Week in Spring." The other "series" I've been working on (with occasional guest-scribes) is our series of educational, back-to-basics posts called "Green Beans."

At SpringSource R&D, we've been racing like crazy with new stuff! Spring Data for NoSQL support, Spring Hadoop (which provides integration with Hadoop), Spring Integration point releases, Spring Batch, Activiti support, Spring AMQP, Spring Mobile (which, at the simplest level is Spring MVC support for mobile device content negotiation), Spring Android (support for consuming RESTful services from Android devices using Spring's RestTemplate) etc., are all in active development! I've missed a lot, of course, and this doesn't even include the very impressive Spring core 3.1 changes that are fast nearing completion! We've got so much code we don't even know where to keep it all! We have a presence on github.com/SpringSource, on our own git.SpringSource.org and of course the older (http://src.springsource.org) Subversion tree where Spring classic (among others) is still hosted. Users are, of course, always encourage to contribute and feedback.

So, this is why I'm not doing a good job at keeping this blog current. Come visit me at on the forums or in the blog posts!