10 October 2012

I was in Aarhus, Denmark last week and gave my talk on using Cloud Foundry, and then spoke in the evening at the local Java User Group as a special guest, which was awesome. The only regrettable thing was that Anders Hjelsberg was concurrently giving his talk introducing TypeScript, which meant I couldn't see it. So, I watched it today in the background while I was wrestling with expense reports. Check out the link to Microsoft's Channel 9 where you can watch the video. TypeScript is not the first technology to solve the static-language-to-JavaScript problem, following the most recent introduction into the market, Google's Dart. Before that, of course, we had CoffeeScript, ScriptSharp, GWT, etc. I could actually see myself using this one, though. My one twinge of discord is that I think a lot of the complaints he identifies as inhibiting large application development (such as the lack of strong types) are less of a problem with a good organizational framework in place. An MVC framework like backbone.js or Angular.js let you plugin the missing pieces which means that no single component is going to be so big that it might see substantial benefit by having a stronger type system, and coordination between the components is handled by the more rigorously tested framework.