20 April 2018

I just concluded a wonderful Devoxx FR where I was reunited with old friends and spoke to people about cloud native (reactive) Spring.

I did two workshops (one at Devoxx FR, and another for Zenika, as a meetup, in the evening) and then co-presented with Spring co-founder and my hero (and freind) Juergen Hoeller. It was a lot of fun and I want to thank all those that turned up! It was an honor!

Now it's off to the states for some business then I return to Europe, Sunday, for JAX in Mainz, Germany. There, I'll co-present again with Juergen. I speak French (so that helped in Paris) and he speaks German (that'll help in Mainz)! It's a nice symmetry. We'll even have a bit more time to articulate our ideas - an hour! I'll also be doing a Cloud Native Java book signing at JAX, so don't miss that!

They announced that JavaDays Ukraine would soon join the Devoxx franchise and family as Devoxx Ukraine and Juergen and I have already been invited to speak there. I sure hope we can! Congratulations to the team. It looks like it's going to be an exciting adventure.

Then, it's off to Linz, Austria (where Juergen lives, no less), for the DevOne show. There, again, Juergen and I will co-present on all things Reactive Spring. If you're there, don't miss this opportunity to meet Juergen Hoeller, one of the greats!

On the 27th, I'll be presenting at a meetup in Vienna, Austria.

Then, on 2-3 May I'll be in Melbourne, Australia, and the VOXXED Melbourne event. This is exciting! I'll be co-presenting with the other Spring co-founder, Rod Johnson, in his native Australia! Do not miss this!

Then, it's off to Manchester, UK for a meetup on the 9th of May, 2018. Do you want to miss this? I think not!

From there, I'll head to Devoxx UK, one of my all time favorite shows, in London on the 9th to 11th May. I'll also be speaking to customers there.

Then, it's off to Denver, Colorado for the epic SpringOne Tour Denver event on the 14th. These SpringOne Tour events sell out quick, so don't miss this one!

From Denver, I head off to Kyiv, Ukraine for a JUG meeting. I'll also be presenting at the JEEConf event on the 18th of May. Juergen and I will again be co-presenting there!

I'll be in Dublin an Belfast speaking to customers and hopefully doing a JUG on the 21st of May.

Then, from there, it's off to the legendary Spring I/O event in beautful (bootiful) Bercelona, Spain! Join us!

Then, finally, I'll return home to San Francisco for a few days in the sun before I make the trek to Singapore for the epic VOXXED Singapore event.

Needless to say, if you're in any of the regions in which I'm speaking I'd love to see you there and hear from you!