12 April 2016

I was in Paris the week of March 22nd, 2016, with customer meetings and meetups in both Brussels, Belgium and Paris, France scheduled. Indeed, I arrived in Paris, and was due to travel, by train, the morning of March 22nd, 2016, to speak with customers and to appear at a meetup that evening. I woke up in the morning, in Paris, to a barrage of tweets and text messages from concerned family and colleagues (some of whom may as well be family); the unspeakable had happened. Earlier that morning, terrorists, cowards, attacked the Brussels station and murdered dozens of innocent people. I was encouraged to stay in Paris. My customers understandably evacuated their local staff and sent them home. We rescheduled the in-person meetup and directed all the would-be attendees to join us for a remote webinar which was well-received. I was not among the victims of that horrific day. I was safe, far away, in Paris, France. I was due to travel there, though. I know, logically, that I was never at risk because of the schedule. It disturbs me that it was as simple as the schedule: my travel was scheduled eight hours later. That's it. I am here because I had morning obligations in Paris, and the victims of that nightmare didn't. I am so very fortunate. I am so very sad those lost were lost. I am so sorry. Nothing can make right what happened.

My friend, colleague, and Belgian St├ęphane Nicoll, said it best: