26 January 2011

Well, it's that time of year again! My dad's birthday, my birthday, and my favorite little 3 year old's (My buddy's little girl Makani - she's a whopping three years old already) birthday! I'm taking a trip to Portland, Oregon with the misses this Friday to visit dad and see the family. I'm really looking forward to that. Nothing quite so wonderful as perpetually, if only slightly, damp trees and coffee. :-)

At "work" at SpringSource (where I spend the largest chunk of my day and usually the happiest part, too!) we just posted "Green Beans: Getting Started with Enterprise Messaging in Spring." I had a fairly big hand in that and feel like it'll be a very good introduction for a lot of people to two of the most important tools you can have in your arsenal, AMQP and JMS. In my humble, bordering-on-insignificant-opinion, the Spring support for JMS has always been second to none. It's easier to use JMS from Spring than it is from Java EE or anything else by far, and it has been for most of the last decade. It's way easier to use AMQP-based brokers from Spring than anything else! Check it out - add that extra asynchronous kick to your architecture and code!

For my new year's resolutions, I decided I needed a hobby (err, besides coding...). I sat down and wrote up a list, like this:

Anyway, after giving option one due reflection, I decided for option two, because ... well, who wouldn't? So, for my birthday, my girl bought me (sssh! She doesn't know this yet, it's a surprise...) a Marvel Comics digital comics subscription. All told, it was like $60.00 for armchair-easy access to all the comics you could ever want to read from the last... at least 10 years (I missed a lot of stuff in the last ten years!) as well as new stuff. The only gripe is that it uses Flash to display the comic books on the screen (which isn't normally something I care about one way or another) and it doesn't have an iPad app. It works ok on my Google Nexus S, and of course my Linux Book Pro works perfectly, but they're of clumsy form factors. I want it to work on the iPad. I'd even pay an extra ten dollars.

Maybe next year...