26 December 2012

In related news, I woke up to rain today. it's freaking cold in China. Northern parts of China - like Harbin - already cold enough that it's famous for its ice festivals in which amazing and beautiful ice structures are constructed in a true winter-wonderland fashion - have seen daytime HIGHS of -22C. Nanjing, which is an hour's train ride from Shanghai, where I am, hit -6 C for daytime lows. And, when the SpringSource team and I were in Beijing for SpringOne Beijing 2012 we routinely hit temperatures of -8 or -9C. Brrr! I hope you're warmer, wherever you are.

I'm originally from Los Angeles, and sometimes gets, and while I'm now in rainy San Francisco, I'm not used to this kind of cold. I much prefer the cold to the hot mugginess of a humid summer, however, so I suppose this will just have to do.

As you can imagine, slingshotting from Beijing, China (at -8C) to Hyderabad and Bangalore in India, where it's a warm 30 C or so, has not been easy on the immune system. I've got a cold. Oh well..