16 September 2012

If you've been following my tweets in the last two months, you know I've been bouncing around India and China. Actually, in China, you would've noticed the lack of tweets, as Twitter's blocked there.

I went to India early in August to visit system integrators and talk to them about the about the promise and potential of Cloud Foundry, the Open Source PaaS from VMWare. System integrators are the first frontier - these guys are often 50,000+ employees strong and service customers all around the world! It's no surprise that they would want to know about a on-premise, open source solution like Cloud Foundry! The feedback and enthusiasm there is very exciting, and - of course - there is a huge story for support for Spring in the cloud, which they wanted as well.

Then, I went to various cities in China on a mini-tour. I visited Shenzhen, China (for the InfoQ ArchSummit conference), where I gave a keynote lecture to a thousand enigmatic developers with simultaneous translation. My colleagues from VMWare Shanghai were there and gave a few talks on Cloud Foundry as well. The reception was, as you can imagine, very good. I am particularly grateful for my VMWare colleagues, who sort of played tour guide for me while I was there. There can be no doubt - the Chinese are learning English. It is part of the country, now. But not all speak it conversantly, and so I really appreciated the help. I got pretty good at charades, though! Then, it was off to Nanjing, China where I gave a talk introducing Cloud Foundry to the amazingly enthusiastic developers at OSChina. At one point the air conditioning died and the room was left - 200+ people and packed! - in a sweltering standing heat. I would've left! I was shocked no one else did, and it was really gratifying to be able to talk to them. I know they weren't comfortable, but the content from all the speakers was good, and the developers were the kind of people all conferences want: inspired, passionate. Truly inspiring. I imagine I walked away from the conference as inspired as anybody.

Finally, I went back to Shanghai to speak at an all but impromptu Spring and Cloud Foundry meetup. A few dozen developers gathered around and I gave my Spring, a Walking Tour.

I'd been to India before, (three times this single year, at this point!), so while I was very happy to be there, I was particularly enamored with my trip to China. I feel humbled and, as with China, feel like I made some real friends.

I really enjoyed my time in both India and China, and look forward to my next occasions to visit there! If you're in China, by the way, you can follow the SpringSource Weibo account!