16 September 2012

I just returned from the Cloud Foundry Open Tour in India (in Pune and Bangalore) where I gave my talk Multi Client Development with Spring MVC and helped with the bootcamp (along with my pal Raja Rao). The trip was astonishing - my third trip to India this year! - and the food was even better. We spent a lot of time talking to people about building modern applications, including how to architect applications for cloud-scale. The show had the same format in each of two cities: for the first several hours it was individual talks. Then, at 3pm, Raja and I took the stage and kicked off the bootcamp, as a separate event (people who had come for the individual talks may not have wanted to stay for the bootcamp). The bootcamp was amazingly satisfying because most people walked away from the event having pushed something to the cloud and - in the case of a few dozen teams - having built something really awesome on Cloud Foundry and deployed it to production! Nice job, and I hope to see a lot more of this.