19 August 2008

I'm not feeling so hot so I'm sleeping irratically and so I'm productive when I least expect it.

I've been looking at the various continous integration server's out there for possible employment in a project I'm working on. We have in-house experience with Cruise Control, the defacto standard, so that's definitely got one value point. Plus, it's open source, which helps in the "can-we-trust-it?" category. We are hopefully going to be working with Maven 2, so there's definitely value in being able to talk to the build system, which I know Continuum (because, after all, they're the makers of Maven) can do easily. In terms of what I've heard about -- as in from direct contact with other people -- I know Hudson has a pretty good reputation, and so do the Atlassian products, namely Bamboo. Actually, now that I think of it, I attended a JUG wherein the Atlassian folks demo'ed the Bamboo product, and it was pretty impressive, if you go for the pie charts. Which I suspect will be true of the people looking at the project I'm working on. So check off that one for Bamboo.

Most of these servers have some kind of integration with the tooling, but of course, it's not strictly necessary that they do, is it? After all, isn't the idea that you're going to remove the onus of constantly testing the build from the shoulder's of the developers? Even still, TeamCity , from IntelliJ (makers of IntelliJ IDEA) is indicative of where the market is heading.. part of the ALM market craze that caused Borland to switch course a few years back. I wonder what their integration is... Apparently it's something called Gauntlet. I wonder why I haven't heard more from them about this.

I write this down now so I have something to mind map tomorrow when I'm more lucid.