14 October 2016

I know there are probably a million worthy solutions to this, but I've found one that works so I thought I'd share it with others:


mp4_to_gif (){
  frames=`mktemp -d`
  mkdir $frames
  ffmpeg -i $fn -vf scale=320:-1:flags=lanczos,fps=10 $frames/ffout%03d.png
  convert -loop 0 $frames/ffout*.png $out
  rm -rf $frames

mp4_to_gif dogs.mp4 dogs.gif

Make sure you've got imagemagick and ffmpeg and ghostscript installed on your machine. On OS X/macOS Sierra: brew install imagemagick ffmpeg ghostscript will do the trick. Why is this useful? Well, reusing funny content on Twitter for posts to Google Hangouts is my use case. Perhaps there are others..