30 November 2011

Devoxx is a huge conference that redefines "community." I like the conference - a true paradise - it has a lot more soul than JavaOne and represents a really nice sampling of what's what out there, not just what Oracle's working on. So, it was with great pleasure that I went, despite being pretty sick. I stopped by the doctor's on my way out of town and loaded up in antibiotics then began the 20-hour door-to-door journey from Los Angeles, United States to Antwerp, Belgium.

I gave a 15 minute quickie on Spring Roo, a 3-hour university talk on Spring on Cloud Foundry (with Chris Richardson), a regular talk on Spring on Cloud Foundry (with Patrick Chanezon), another regular talk on social Spring applications using Spring Social and Spring Integration, and I helped lead the Spring BOF. Basically, I had more fun than anybody should be allowed. I may have looked (and felt) like death warmed over, but I had a wonderful time. All the talks were well attended, and I loved the feedback! Keep it coming, guys.

That said, I'm now on a flight heading to Seattle, Washington, where I'll present on Cloud Foundry and Mongo DB at the Mongo Seattle event. If you're in town, come see me! We can talk Spring, big data, cloud and anything else you'd like. Also, if you know the area, I'd love to know which coffee shops will help me to best endure the inclement weather. Ping me on Twitter or on Google+. See you there!