16 November 2012

I had a really good - (if exhausting!) - time at Devoxx this year.

The show was bigger and better than ever, and - of course - I'm happy to find that Devoxx will be again returning to Paris, but also - this time - to London! I helped man the SpringSource / Cloud Foundry booths, and then gave a 15 minute talk on Cloud Foundry, and another talk on the Spring framework.

I also enjoyed running the Spring BOF, though I wish it had been held a little earlier in the evening! That said, I'm glad it wasn't! The trip from Sofia, Bulgaria - where I was a speaker in the Cloud Foundry Open Tour event in Sofia, Bulgaria - was harrowing, to say the least! I left Sofia, flew to Frankfurt, then took my connection to Brussels, which meant I still had a 40 minute train ride into Antwerp. From there, I ran to the hotel, found a cab then raced to get to Devoxx in time to run the Spring BOF. Just made it! And that's how Devoxx started for me! It only got crazier as the week rolled on.

This show is also one of the best on earth to connect with friends and users of the Spring framework from all around the world. We were so busy on the SpringSource and Cloud Foundry teams that I - at least - had only a few wonderful Belgian beers this time! I'll try to fix that before I go! I can't wait until next year. Although, I'm not sure if I'll be recovered by then...