19 April 2014

This last week I've been in Paris, France talking to developers about Spring 4 and Spring Boot. I landed on Sunday, gave myself a day to recover from any jet lag. The jetlag sorted itself off within a few days but left me very, very tired the day of a my webinar for the SpringSourceDev YouTube channel. When we on the Spring team give webinars, we do two of them - one for those in Europe and the middle-east and another for north America. The hope is that this presents an opportunity for developers around the world to join the fun. So, as usual, I tested the hotel Wi-Fi's strength by conducting a Skype video call and a Google+ hangout. Worked fine. 16:00 CEST rolls around and I connect to do the first webinar, say a few words and then - (gasp!) - silence! I was disconnected! I called downstairs and asked what happened: they were changing ISPs! You could've knocked me down with a feather. I was about to address a lot of people and here the hotel's decided to switch ISPs! I ran down the hallway, descended and implored whoever could help to please help me. The lobby had a separate network, so I connected and presented my first webinar in the middle of a Marriot lobby as people walked by, talking, laughing, screaming. Amazing. Quel cauchmar!

The second webinar went off with far less fanfare, happily.

This year's Devoxx was amazing! I came bearing messages of Spring 4 and Spring Boot. The talks seemed to draw a large crowd and it was clear that people are very interested in both, especially in so far as you can use the Spring 4 technologies inside of Spring Boot.

I'm looking forward to being at Devoxx UK in a months time and, hopefully, Devoxx Belgium later this year.

Now, I'm on a plane headed to Bangalore, India for the Great Indian Developer Summit where I'll also be presenting on Spring Boot and Spring 4, among other things. Every trip to India I've ever taken has been amazing, and I don't expect this one will be any different! C'ya there!

I'd like to think these people were reacting to me, but my hunch is that they're just happy because of Spring and Spring Boot. :D