13 January 2018

On the 10th of this month I visited the Java User Group in Munster, Germany, and had the privilege of presenting for three hours in a cold winter January evening to a full room full of passionate Java developers. It was the first time I got to show a lot of new, reactive features in Spring Boot 2.0 and Spring Cloud Finchley. I'm a big fan of anybodydy who chooses to stay late on a weekday and learn about the things I love to learn about, so thank you, Munster, for an amazing experience!

Then, it was off to Solingen, Germany, for a visit to the Codecentric world headquarters where they hosted a Cloud Native Java day with yours truly, as the featured guest speaker. I loved the event, and the audience was amazing! I spoke to the group about tons of different things, for around six hours, well into the evening, past 19:00! This was the first time in 2018 that I got to talk to developers about a number of things, including reactive microservices with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud, Spring Cloud Function (our abstraction for working with function-as-a-service offerings like AWS Lambda, Openwhisk, or of course Pivotal's white-hot new function-as-a-service platform Project Riff). The code for the event is here, if you're interested.

I loved the preview video for the talk, shown below.

Codecentric are a consulting business that specializes in next-level software and they truly live and breath it. When you walk into their new and massive building, you're greeted with a friendly reception where you'll find a magazine that is, of course, all about code! (Naturally!) The billboard in front of the building features their logo against code on a backlight screen.

It was also a pleasure to see a demo of Codecentric's spinoff business, Instana, which is developing a post-cloud monitoring technology that just knows what to do in a containerized, microservices-aware world. I really like this technology and hope that more people will give it a go.