02 October 2008

I've just open sourced and released on Google code an Open API for interacting with CDDA data from Java. Right now the API does basics, only:

Naturally, there are many things to do be done, and the list is constantly growing.

The code itself is JNI code that exposes native code that I've built using two amazing open source projects.

On Linux, I'm using grip, cdio, and more, not to mention the GNU toolchain. On Windows, I'm using CDex.

Since the layer of code that is actually mine is very thin (just enough to normalize the two APIs so that I could get them to conform the JNI-vended header files), it would not be very much use working on this project (unless you REALLY want to!) Instead, support those projects directly.

Any feedback on the project is helpful. The C/C++ code is sort of slapdash and isn't necessarily the easiest to build unless you've had time with Eclipse CDT or Visual Studio .NET 2008, which is why there are prebuilt binaries in the lib directory in subversion.