31 October 2012

I've just returned from one of my all-time favorite conferences, the amazing Java2Days conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was my fourth year speaking there. I've had the unique, and rare privilege of having been there every year since the show started in 2009. Here's my post of the show from 2010. Each year, the show gets better and better. This year was no exception. I gave two talks - my Multi Client Development with Spring MVC (which is mainly about connecting clients (Android, native, HTML5) to your services with REST) and The Cloud Foundry Bootcamp. (Those links are to the slides on my SlideShare account, if you're interested..)

Group shot of me with several of the speakers at this year's event.

Compare and contrast with this photo from 2009

Twitter follower @Ivelina took this shot of me from the audience

I enjoyed this year like crazy, and - as usual - can't wait until next year! Thanks again to the Java2Days team for putting on such a magnificent show!

I would be remiss if I didn't mention, in this particular instance, that I'll be back in Sofia, Bulgaria in a few weeks for the Cloud Foundry Open Tour event Sofia! If you're in the region and want to talk Spring and cloud computing on Cloud Foundry, the open source PaaS from VMware, then drop by and see me!