07 February 2018

I had the privilege of speaking at the Swedish Java conference, JFokus 2018, in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. The conference is an amazing show because the community there tends to be enthusiastic and reflects a very diverse set of interests. I loved seeing old friends including JFokus founder Mattias Karlsson, Pratik Patel, Mark Heckler, Simon Ritter, and a million others besides! At the conference I had a reactive microservices workshop and a one-hour presentation.

The conference itself was rather uneventful, however, leaving Stockholm proved to be more of a challenge! My flight to Munich, where I was going to do a book signing (Cloud Native Java) and meet some amazing Pivotal customers, was cancelled because Munich itself was uncharacteristically deluged with snow. It took some doing but I took a 7am flight out the next morning and made it to the OOP conference in Munich for a book signing, barely! That same night, exhausted, I took a train to Frankfurt and arrived in time to present to a few large customers there. Finally, on early Saturday, I flew out from Frankfurt and returned to San Francisco. What a journey!