01 February 2018

I had the privilege of meeting with the master of messages, Confluent CEO and Kafka-creator Jay Kreps to talk to him about the Spring ecosystem and its support for Kafka and to talk to him about what I think of as one of the most exciting things to happen to the cloud, Confluent's hosted, managed, and ready-to-scale Kafka service.

There's a lot of great opportunities for Spring developers working with Apache Kafka. Spring for Apache Kafka provides the base integration for Spring developers wanting to work with Apache Kafka, Spring Integration supports for Apache Kafka provides inbound and outbound adapters and messaging gateways for the Spring Integration EAI framework. Spring Cloud Stream provides binders for Apache Kafka that make a matter of configuration and convention the connection between one microservice and another as connected through a messaging technology like Apache Kafka. Spring Cloud Data Flow supports easy coordination and orchestration of messaging pipelines using Apache Kafka. There's a lot there! If you don't know where to start, it's my humble opinion that you should choose Spring Cloud Stream. Indeed, you can go the Spring Initializr and generate a new project that's ready to go!

the amazing Jay Kreps

I learned a lot and can't wait to talk to more people about all things Kafka.