16 January 2018

I finished my visit to Germany and jumped on plane to Oahu, Hawaii, connecting through San Francisco. LavaOne was the first (and hopefully not the last!) conference I've had the privilege of visiting in Oahu, Hawaii. It was stunning! I admire anybody who's willing to listen to me (and any of the infinitely better other speakers) yammer on inside a conference hall when paradise lay just beyond the sliding glass door. Madness! These are some dedicated technologists! It was great to see and hang with the amazing technical community and to see old friends like Graal project ninja Chris Talinger, Java community legend Sharat Chandler, JRuby project lead and legend Charles Nutter, and Java EE community legend David Delabassee.

My friends, trust me, you need to add LavaOne 2019 to your conference calendar!

Just look at that!

Don't you wish you'd bought your tickets and joined us?

Luckily for the attendees (and for us!), the talks were recorded so the audience could go surfing and not missing anything :-)