06 December 2008

I was building a project I have that's using the Maven Andromda plugin to cross compile UML class diagrams into Java EJB3 entity classes. The plugin's worked flawlessly for a long time now, but this time it failed. It complained that it couldn't find the UML file that was referenced in the configuration file. It's no wonder: the file path it was looking for was doubled up, that is, it was equivalent to /myfolders/foo/uml.uml2/myfolders/foo/uml.uml2. I did some research and found this bug report. This proves that it wasn't my Andromda installation, but the Maven installation. This makes sense as I'd just recently upgraded from Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04) to Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex (what's an Ibex?; 8.10) and the package I was using (maven2) had been updated to 2.0.9. So, the moral of the story here is: make sure your Maven package didn't change under your nose.