06 April 2009

What a month! I know this is a little late, but boy has it been a crazy month! April's shaping up to be no less crazy, too.

First, there was much ado about nothing early in the month when the court in Tempe, Arizona scheduled me for jury duty only to relieve me of it the day-of.

Then, on March 17th, I drove to Las Vegas for the conference - my first big speech - at the The ServerSide Java Symposium in Las Vegas (which reminds me, I need to remove that banner on the right side of the page... ) which went off fine enough. More usefully, I have some very interesting new friends. I was especially happy to have had a chance to see the Mandalay Bay Aquarium, which was amazing.

From Las Vegas, I drove to Los Angeles, CA to meet my friend Srinivas who I'd invited to join me for a weekend there. We drove 500 miles in 2 days just inside of Los Angeles, and another 400 when we shared the drive home to Phoenix, Arizona. We went to the Laugh Factory and were delighted to find that Dane Cook was a special, secret guest-of-honor. Awesome!

Then, I came home. I had given notice at my job at Wells Fargo and so the last week of March I spent closing up shop there and preparing for the next step. March 31st was my last, very sad day at Wells Fargo. I said good bye to everyone -- good people I should like very much to keep in contact with -- and packed up a few computers and books (and clothing, I suppose.) and drove to Los Angeles (again!) to start a new job there April 1. The first step is getting out here and finding a place to live and so on. At the moment, I'm staying with family.

These last few days have all about getting into the new job - interesting people there, too - and reuniting with some old friends.

Boy, am I glad to be back!