24 February 2009

In my last post I talked about habits geared towards acquisition of skills. It does sometimes happen the other way – where you need to unlearn something, or re-frame an existing skill in a different way in order to advance with it. This is a natural part o moving forward in life, of adapting. I like to think that I do an acceptable job of keeping current, of adapting.

The proof is in the pudding: how many skills do I have the have been obsolesced*? I hadn't counted, honestly. I'm still not going to count (not that you will see, anyway!) but you might try taking a look at the Obsolete Skills Wiki to see if anything you've learned has become irrelevant, and whether you've successfully crossed that chasm.

Don't freak out if you see something you swore was still relevant – some of the entries are on the site, but are disputed!

Some are pretty dead on, or scary. "Counting back change" is - saddeningly - appropriate. How many merchants do you know that employee people who can count back change? How many people do the math to leave a 20% tip?

How many things do you know that have become irrelevant?

obsolesce - become obsolete, fall into disuse; "This word has not obsolesced, although it is rarely used"

Has the word "obsolesce" ... obsolesced?