17 August 2009

Today started off nice enough... I went to Malibu Seafood today and enjoyed a lovely day on the beach and came back to check my blogs and, blam! mistake-in-the-face!

In my last blog I discussed that I'd updated the software powering this blog, and that there might be some bugs to work out.

Boy, am was I on the money on that one! Turns out, I updated the logic used to implement my RSS feed and Atom feed (eh, mainly, the switch - I'm embarrassed to admit - was to actually use the token that ROME expects to generate an Atom feed instead of the RSS 2.0 type of feed.) Bluntly: if you subscribed to my Atom feed, you only got an RSS feed, because I fat fingered the 'feedType' parameter on that one!

Apologies to all those were spammed this morning with 'duplicate' (essentially) blog entries! Everything except this and the one before it are old and can be marked as read... thanks.