17 September 2008

Dear Oracle,

You recently released Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse, which is a release of either Eclipse 3.3 (Europa) or Eclipse 3.4 (Ganymede) that supports using Weblogic as a server. This is nice because, up until now, the only way that I knew of to use WebLogic was to either use the Workshop product - which is an increasingly bad option as it's based on the equivalent of Eclipse 3.1 - or to use something like MyEclipse, which has a sort of half-hearted integration with Weblogic that misses the mark. I wanted to applaud your release. This isn't some cranked up Eclipse distro like Workshop and it's not some tightly-wound monster like JDeveloper. It's a simple solution to a simple requirement. Honestly, I'm surprised it happened after BEA got accquired! I would have thought Oracle would discontinued something like this!

I know that Oracle Enterprise Pack includes other niceties besides the integraion with Weblogic, but they are uninteresting to me, as Ganymede is a very compelling upgrade on its own strength.

Thank you, Oracle, for making development in the Enterprise a little easier.

Josh Long