21 December 2012

I hope you guys will permit me some time on the ol' soapbox. My life is amazing, and I'm very fortunate. I haven't really done enough charity this year, though, if I'm honest. It's not like I can't afford a few charitable donations, and my parents always taught me to give to those who need it or aren't so fortunate. I think we all agree that charity is OK. The tension comes when we try to qualify for whom charity is appropriate. But.. kids with cancer? I'm pretty sure we can all agree that's a pretty rough rap. So, when I discovered a former colleague - Ron Haberle (himself a cancer survivor) - had started a charity to support and help kids with cancer, I donated and - since no amount I could possibly donate would be enough - I ask you to consider donating, to this or something else. 'Tis the season, after all, and even if you're not feeling particularly charitable, I'm pretty sure donations are tax deductible, but you have to get them done before the end of the year!

If you can contribute, then thanks, and if you can't, then thanks at least for reading! ;-)