14 January 2013

Sheraton's website's got some issues that drive me, a programmer, nuts.

I tried to look at my past stays so that I could, in theory, get a reference number and then ask for a folio for my expense reports. I logged into the website and was presented with a java.util.NoSuchElementException, which - for you non-programmers geeks - says that they tried to walk through data and there was none there and they didn't handle that possibility. (Anyone who knows me knows that I've stayed at more than a few Sheratons...)

Then, I figured I'd work around this by talking to someone on the chat, and was greeted with the message 'Invalid ichannel: null,' which also indicates that they attempted to do something behind the scenes on the assumption that something was there that wasn't.

Sometimes I wonder if people test things before they release it :/

At least the meatware operator I spoke to was lovely / helpful...