12 August 2011

For you code lurkers out there, the news that RabbitMQ is now available in CloudFoundry should come as no surprise. But, it's finally here! This is very exciting. One thing I've always loved about RabbitMQ is its ubiquity. It is more widely used than any other message broker on the cloud, and on Amazon Web Services in particular. The AWS tidbit's a bit more awesome when you realize that AWS already has a message broker service called SQS! ;-) Anyway, it's now available on CloudFoundry. You should definitely check it out. The news overall seems good, too! Messaging middleware is the critical component for scale. Cloud-scale is a way of life, not just a switch to be turned on and off. Specifically, an architecure that scales is going to enjoy temporally decoupling, or asynchronism, and RabbitMQ is the perfect vehicle to enable that asynchronous coordination.

If you're a Spring developer, and haven't had a chance to look at CloudFoundry, then I strongly recommend you see Mark Fisher's entry on the SpringSource blog introducing the wide world of the cloud for Spring developers from a few months ago. There's also great content on the SpringSource YouTube channel.