07 September 2017

My mom's best friend of 30+ years, Bobalee Johansen, passed away. She was afflicted with Alzheimer's disease. She's always been a part of my family. She cradled me in the premie-ward when I was born two months early when she'd come and sit with my mom after work. She worked on computers as a technician and documentation writer (in the 1980s and 1990s!) She always had a computer around. She lived with us for a few wonderful years after she and her ex-husband Bill separated. During that time, she served as the family technician, helping us lurch slowly into the silicon age. She lent me her computer for a few months. Inarguably, I owe my career and good fortune to her as much as my parents (and, of course, random good luck). She was always surrounded by Disney figurines. She owned every Disney animated movie. She was such a childlike soul. She'd routinely whoop everyone at a game of Trivial Pursuit. She was lifetime master bridge player. She drove a fast car and loved an annual or bi-annual escape with my mother for a weekend in Las Vegas where they'd play the slots all night, sleep and then repeat. She raised two amazing girls. They'd even babysit my sister and me at times! Those two girls are now very successful women with families and children of their own. I am so pleased Bob was able to see that before her situation deteriorated. At some point in the last decade, poor Bob was moved to a home in Los Angeles. Both my parents went and visited (separately). It'd been years since she was able to hold a conversation or recognize friends or family. Bob was one of the many strong women who mentored me and shaped my future and I'll never, ever forget her. RIP Bob. I'll miss you.