03 September 2009

I've recently been playing with jBPM 4.1 and, while I haven't quite gotten into it, I did manage to break an Eclipse setup of my "old" jBPM 4.0 code. This is definitely a user error. So, trying to ensure I have a reproduciable baseline, I start setting everything up again (I don't have the jBPM plugins or anything installed -- I keep it mean and lean, if possible. )

I got to the point where everything was running fine again from the IDE, but I noticed I no longer had code completion for my jBPM .XSD file. I'm not sure if I ever did, or if I did, then I've forgotten how. So, I stumbled through getting it working with the Eclipse Resource Catalog. Here are the steps to reproducing it if you have the same issue.

  1. You'll need a copy of the .XSD itself. For me, the simplest option was to just download the source jar and use the XSD file therein.
    mkdir ~/xsds; cd ~/xsds ; 
    wget http://repository.jboss.com/maven2/org/jbpm/jbpm4/jbpm-api/4.0/jbpm-api-4.0-sources.jar 
    jar xvf jbpm-api-4.0-sources.jar ; 
  2. In Eclipse, go to Window > Preferences
  3. Search for "XML Catalog," under the "XML" node.
  4. Click "Add..."
  5. Fill out the dialog, using the values below.

I hope this spares somebody some pain. Once you've got it working, go check out the awesome new jBPM 4.1!