07 August 2011

I'm excited to announce that I'll be speaking at JavaZone again this year. I must confess, I was a little worried that I would not be accepted this year! My talk last year - on business process management and Spring Integration - seemed to garner puzzled looks. Perhaps I just misread the amazing Norwegian audience? The conference (and the technical presentations, to boot) were both wonderful.

I had the wonderful experience of stopping at a booth and having somebody try to sell me training in Spring (which, I mean, sure... more training's always good!), but the kicker came when he showed me the training manual! It was the book that Gary Mak and Daniel Rubio and I co-authored, Spring Recipes!

I submitted on other topics, as well, last year, and those were not accepted. No matter, I gave my talk, and indeed the people that did get it, really got it! So, while I'm not complaining, it still wasn't exactly my best day. I'm thus thrilled to be invited back and - as if fate wasn't already shining on me - my 3-hour university talk's been accepted. My talk's called, "Spring, a Walking Tour," which is a bit of misnomer, as I'm usually the only one walking at all! ;-) I'll be talking about the Spring landscape - everything, from the cloud, mobile, integration, batch processing, big-data, and more! Check it out. This talk was well received when I gave it at Geecon earlier this year, and I've already updated it to reflect a lot of the new stuff in the Spring 3.1 milestones.

The city of Oslo, as you no doubt have heard, recently experienced a terrorist attack resulting in the massacre of innocents, both adult and children. It broke my heart to see this. What a disgusting, horrible incident, obviously. It's beyond comprehension, no matter where it happens, of course. It was particularly surprising to me that it happened in Oslo, however, as it seemed like such a beautiful, clean, ideal city when I was there. I will take more time, this year, to explore Oslo, and to take in more of Norway's beauty, and to walk among these strong people. I really have a lot of respect for the way the people of the city responded to the incident. They are inspirational.

I hope you'll join me at JavaZone, and in Oslo, in general, to be inspired.