03 December 2008

Spring Integration is almost ready (website updates notwithstanding!)

Spring Integration is an API for building integration solutions using Spring. It works, conceptually, very much like Axway Integrator or Mule or ServiceMix or Petals or, well, you get the idea: it provides functionality to respond to messaging / interactions in a system and route / transform the message to an endpoint. These messages could be JMS, FTP submission, a file suddenly appearing, etc. Spring Integration is an API that provides ESB like functionality. Usually, the ESB is a server to which application integrations are deployed. This API flips that idiom on its head and lets your application become the endpoint by which integration is achieved.

Spring Integration itself is significant because it codifies in a Spring API the whole field of knowledge surrounding ESBs, which itself can be said to stem from Enterprise Integration Patterns: this has the boon of making it a commodity. And of course, there are the usual reasons: it works better for the things it does, it's well tested, easy-to-test, etc. But you knew about those already.

I'm waiting with baited breath for the Maven releases :-)

Congratulations to the Spring Integration team! Wonderful tool and I look forward to being able to recommend it moving forward. Get the bits!

Update: The old way still works and they've updated those bits already if you're looking to get the Maven jars

Update:I linked to the wrong book and gave the wrong title, despite having the correct book sitting on a computer tower right next to me. Now that's impressive! Thanks to Mark Fisher (lead on the Spring Integration project!) for the correction.