12 December 2012

I just finished SpringOne China over the weekend. The show was absolutely amazing and the attendees were, as usual, the highlight of the show. It was such an honor to meet so many wonderful people. We finished SpringOne China over the weekend and are today at the first of two events for SpringOne India in Bangalore and SpringOne in Hyderabad. The shows have been really amazing! In particular, I've enjoyed the food, the sites and the amazing community that have turned up in droves!

Tomorrow, I'll join my colleagues at the SpringOne India Hyderabad event, the second of the two shows in India.

An attendee took a shot of me as I was giving a talk on Spring on Cloud Foundry

Dr. Mark Pollack, myself, Gary Russell and Chris Richardson at a restaurant in Beijing

I gave a talk in Bangalore and people deluged the stage with questions and greetings. I asked the last wave of people to take a photo with me.

Left to Right: Gary Russel, Josh Long, Jennifer Hickey, Jeremy Grelle, Oliver Gierke, Chris Richardson -- the whole SpringOne India lineup