10 August 2008

I recently had to upgrade a project to Subversion 1.5 which caused IntelliJ's Subversion support to lose its mind. It would paint the files blue as though it realized the file was "dirty" but then when I hit ctrl + k to submit the changes to Subversion, it would respond, "No Changes found". I did some sleuthing: IntelliJ IDEA build 7938 fixes the issue.

I installed the new version and opened up a project and everything was in error. It was almost as thought it didn't have a JDK set, so I tried to point it at a JDK but that didn't work. Finally, I removed my IntelliJ metadata folder (a desperate move, but I had little time and nothing to lose) which is where IntelliJ stores user specific metadata (/home/jlong/.IntelliJIdea70). That worked!

In all, I lose 20 minutes of time. By far, one of the longest periods that IntelliJ itself (where it wasn't genuine user error!) has delayed me... now, Eclipse on the other hand...