12 November 2009

What a busy couple of months!

I started last month (from October 2nd to the 11th) at the Java2Days conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. I gave three talks on Spring and JSF, Spring and jBPM, and Spring Integration (the Spring ESB-like framework). I think the slides will be available there in shortly. Meanwhile, here are some photos of the event below, though you're encouraged to log in to Facebook and check out the full galleries there.

The name of the gentleman on the far left escapes me, but that's John Lewis, Emo, and yours truly on the right

From left to right: Ivo Penev, Gisele Consoline, Rob Harrop, yours truly, John Willis, and Heath Kesler

I had a great time at the conference. The audience was great the discussions great, too. The drinking was good, too! :-)

At some point, I got some sort of stomach bug (perhaps in Greece?) and when I returned home, I was severely dehyrdated. I spent a little time hooked up to an IV and then spent the subsequent week pounding antibiotics, gatorade, and soup. There's a thousand ways to get sick, only one way to get better!

After that, I got deep into the final edits for my book "Spring Enterprise Recipes." Really enjoyed that process - it's fascinating to see what goes into writing a book. Trust me, the book is far better for the effort of the amazing editors at Apress! :-)

I spoke at the Pasadena Java User Group on using Spring Integration - that crowd was very cool and the discussion that ensued was also good.

Recently, my sister got hitched. I wish her, and her husband, many happy days together.

I think that wraps up the highlights. I'll start chiming in more frequently. A lot has happened of late, including the debut of Google's Go programming language, The Motorola Droid, the continued standoff between Sun/Oracle and the European Union over objections to Oracle's accquisition of MySQL, and more. Exciting times...