15 March 2009

Not to cheapen such an awesome Bob Dylan song, but I felt it was a propos... Things are really going to be busy pretty soon.

Lot's of things are happening in my life right now. It's going to be a pretty tumultuous two months.

For someone who's adamant about encouraging change, and reacting gracefully to change in the software development lifecycle, I'm about to be put to the test. I'm moving back to Los Angeles, CA, where I'm from. This will put us closer to family. As I move forward and start speaking and doing more open source in my career, I don't want my vacation time to be spent just going to see family if I can instead spend it going to more conferences and being involved in the software world.

It's a very interesting time to be in software: I haven't felt like this since the late 90s.

I've resigned my current position at my job and am looking forward to the next opportunity. I expect I'll be challenged, and hopefully given a chance to institute positive change. Getting to that opportunity, could be ... tedious, however. State or continental moves are always challenging.

In the more immediate short term I'm looking forward to The Server Side Symposium in Vegas this week! I'm speaking on EAI and Spring Integration, in particular. It's a very promising new technology and I hope to encourage people to check it out. If you're coming and you want to read some more on it, there's always the site I just linked to, as well as an article I wrote about it a little while ago, "Getting Started With Spring Integration," on Infoq.com. I definitely encourage you to check those out.

By the by, anybody know of what parties / events are happening after the event? I'd love to meet and greet any of you who are going to be there.

After that, it's off to Los Angeles, where I'll be advance scouting for a place to stay. If anybody wants to grab a beer while I'm there, let me know. I can be reached at josh 'at' my domain name. Or, contact me on Twitter.