11 November 2011

What a ridiculous blur of insanely fun travel and technology.

I spoke at the MongoDB Chicago conference on the 18th of October on using MongoDB with Spring Data Document on Cloud Foundry. This was a fantastic event and the response seemed enthusiastic about the cloud and, of course, Cloud Foundry. After all, Cloud Foundry was among the first (the first?) major PaaS players to bring MongoDB to market. On a related note, I'm honored to say that I'll be giving the same talk (basically) at Mongo Seattle, on December 1. If you're in Seattle, and want to grab a beer (or coffee!), then ping me on Twitter or on Google+. Naturally, you could always just come to the Mongo Seattle event - $100 for a fully day of talks from experts in the field is amazingly good deal (and, at this point, an ideal holiday gift!).

That was October 18th. I flew home, caught my breath, and then flew back to Chicago for SpringOne2GX, which I blogged about recently. SpringOne2GX was amazing. I ended up doing not only the three talks I blogged about before, but an impromptu joint session with Roy Clarkson on HTML5 mobile application development. The whole conference is something not to be missed. What an absolutely amazing show filled with amazing people.

the venue at Mongo Chicago was called The Library, in a library
The Mongo Chicago venue at "The Library" Adam Fitzgerald kicking off the keynote festivities at SpringOne2GX
The Chicago skyline at night from one of those trips. I love how the clouds hung in the air, making an otherwise mundane photo really beautiful.

I returned home just long enough to get a fresh load of laundry and then set back out to Sofia, Bulgaria, for one of my absolute favorite conferences, Java2Days. The conference, in South East Europe, is at the nexus of Greece, Turkey, Italy, Armenia, etc., so it attracts a lot of people who are really enthusiastic about the conference and the technology.

I met Jean Claude van Damme, and survived!

The conference itself is unrivaled, of course, but the real draw is the chance you have to meet and greet and to take in the culture. Pack your stomach pump, though, the rakia (and the fraternizing, dancing and fun that accompanies it!) tends to sneak up on you! I was at dinner on with the other speakers and with attendees from the show and in walks Jean Claude van Damme who was in town, apparently, shooting the Expendables 2. He sat down, celebrated a bit and was even kind enough to indulge me in a photo, which I proudly post here. Merci, Jean-Claude!

I returned home on the 6th - giving me just enough time to get a small flu and to prepare my decks for Devoxx, which I leave for on the 12th (in 24 hours, or so, basically). If you're in Belgium, this is the event to see! Come see me talk with Chris Richardson on Spring on Cloudfoundry for the university talk (3 hours! We're going to cover NoSQL, AMQP, the <cloud:/> namespace, and much more!) and with Patrick Chanezon for a 1-hour introduction to getting started with Spring on CloudFoundry. Additionally, I'll be participating in the Spring BOF. I've also got a Spring Roo "quickie" talk, and a talk on socializing your Spring applications using Spring Social. Should be utterly exhausting, but I look forward to seeing you all there! We're gonna have a lot of fun.