20 March 2013

I just made the jump to JDK 7 on OSX. I know, I know, I'm very behind, but when it comes to JDK iterations, I'm always a little behind. I guess I'm just more cowardly as I age... :) Anyway, just made the jump. This is the first release of Java on OSX that Oracle - and not Apple - is supporitng. To make it happen, simply grab the OSX JDK from the Oracle Java SE Development Kit 7 Downloads page. Once it's downloaded, double click the downloaded bundle and just follow the prompt.. there might have been two prompts, but I'd be surprised if there was, it went so quickly!

When it's installed, you should just be able to confirm the upgrade by going to the shell and typing java -version. Interestingly, I didn't even need to reload my shell to see the new version. It all just worked! Nicely done, Oracle (for once)!

Update if, for example, you wanted to remove JDK 7, this article might help.